Yoga Exercise for Feet

Yoga Exercise for Feet

We use our feet every day from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. We use them to get up in the morning, walk to the bathroom, stand up to brush our teeth and wash our face until we repeat that cycle in reverse before bed. Our feet carry us throughout our days but rarely do we give them the attention they deserve and this is something we should change. You should know that there are several methods that you can start using to take better care of your feet and yoga is one of them. Yes! You’ve read that correctly, there is such a thing as yoga exercises for the feet and in a couple of minutes you’ll know all about it. 

When we talk about yoga or think about indulging in self-care, our go-to is to focus our attention on our hips and backs. However, there exist many yoga poses for your feet that can not only benefit your feet themselves but also have a positive effect on other areas. And there are so many different kinds of positions that it is almost guaranteed that you’ll find something out there for you. Additionally, every pose has certain benefits, thus, if you are looking to improve a certain aspect of your life, you can choose exercises that target this specific goal. For instance, putting your legs up a wall while crunching your toes helps in restoring your posture by reversing your blood flow. On the other hand, something like laying on your belly, bending your knee and pressing your foot downward with your palm can help stretch your ankle. There are also several other positions that lead to several things like relieving the pain or your swollen feet after a long day, helping with your balance, promoting good circulation, and strengthening your feet just to name a few. So, as mentioned above, when you are doing a yoga exercise for your feet, you are also indirectly targeting other areas of your body. 

There are many resources online that you can find to get more guidance on how to do yoga exercises and there are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you exactly how to do them step by step. Challenge of the week: try to spare a couple of minutes of your day to show your feet some love.

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