Summer Foot Care

Summer Foot Care

You’re sitting on the beach, your toes dipped in the sand, the sun shining above you, not a care in the world. Who doesn’t love summer time? It’s usually the one time in the year when you get to enjoy your time near the pool, the ocean or the sea. However while you might be having the best time of your life, your feet on the other hand may be suffering, especially if you’re not paying attention to them. 

In fact, while walking barefoot in the sand may be bringing you pleasure, all the heat and exposure to hot surfaces can have a drying effect on your feet or even worse, it can burn them. Additionally, the risk of stepping into something sharp like glass or shells is very high which can lead to injury ranging from an innocent scratch to a very painful infection. Moreover, the risks do not only apply to you when you’re walking because you can suffer from a severe sunburn on your feet simply by laying on your back sunbathing.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that your summer needs to be forever ruined. There are some extra steps that you can take to protect your feet and keep them happy for the remainder of the year. First you can avoid walking barefoot, especially if you’re somewhere where you suspect to find sharp objects. Second, never forget to apply sunscreen on your feet, since it is an area that is often neglected. You can also try to moisturize your feet as much as possible to help fight the dryness (link to moisturizer) and you should try to exfoliate frequently to get rid of the dry skin accumulated throughout the day (link to exfoliating products). Visit our website and browse our wide range of products that will keep your feet protected all year long!

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