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Spa: Relax & Rejuvenate

by B.O.S.S. on May 27, 2021

The word "spa" actually means “a mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties”, which put here alone is a relaxing path for us! It goes without saying that a spa is an amazing way to de-stress, rejuvenate, and relax! However, did you know that it also helps with anti-aging? Facials are known to delay and prevent the beginning of wrinkles by restoring skin cells and hydrating the skin, not to forget that relaxing your body and rejuvenating your system will delay the processing of wrinkles! 

If you struggle with insomnia, one of the many benefits of a spa/massage is that it utterly relaxes your muscles, lowers your blood pressure, and helps you maintain a healthy heart rate, which results in an improved night’s sleep. Massages are recognized to release serotonin; the hormones allied with happiness, and thus help boost your mood once your massage has completed! It is safe to say that spa days are the perfect way to properly take care of yourself.

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