Spa Mode On

Spa Mode On

What does a spa day have in store for you? And what to expect from a full spa day? If you've never practiced a spa day before, continue reading to discover more about it. We will generally explain what typically happens and what the treatments might consist of, helping you understand how a pampering/self care day can be a very big deal to everyone!

Many spas have appealing swimming pools for you to indulge in. Typically, they are indoor, but of course, some settings have outdoor warm pools. Saunas are another relaxing variety you might want to enjoy, a room in which you can relax in dry heat that can reach up to 100C. They can comfort aches and stimulate the cardiovascular system. Besides, spa days consist of Jacuzzis in which you can relax in filled warm water and let hydrotherapy jets take away stresses, loosen constricted muscles, and comfort tired joints.

We all know that the main spa treatments are massage, facial, body and feet treatment, manicure, and pedicure. The massage will help you relax, refresh and liberate muscle tension. However a facial is a deep exfoliating of your face, and body and feet treatment that exfoliates and softens your skin. Most spas also include pedicures and manicures. Nevertheless, we understand that many of you don’t have the time for a “spa mode on” day, so it's a perfect idea to get into a proper skincare routine at home by buying aromatherapy oils, essential oils, creams, and facials! Don’t miss out on connecting with your inner peace, you deserve to be pampered!

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