The only travel pillow you stuff with clothes

The Tube: The All-in-One Travel Essential That Saves You Money and Space

The Tube is the ultimate travel accessory that will change the way you travel.


Tired of overpaying for luggage and struggling to fit everything in your suitcase?

Travel Hacks on Excess Luggage Fees
The Tube is the perfect solution for those who love to travel and are too lazy to pack and carry bulky luggage. With its unique design, The Tube doubles as a neck pillow and luggage, saving you extra baggage charges and providing comfort during your travels.

With clothes storage for up to 3 days, The Tube is perfect for short trips and vacations. When you're ready to pack, The Tube can be stowed in its own pocket so you can easily stow it away and take it anywhere.
Not only is The Tube convenient and easy to navigate, it also saves on baggage fees.

No more paying extra for overweight or excess baggage.

No need to worry about lost luggage or damaged or stolen valuables.
Bottom line: If you want to simplify your trip and save money at the same time, The Tube is an essential travel tool. With its unique design, versatility and comfort, The Tube is the perfect travel companion for any trip. Pack your bags, leave The Tube by your side, and prepare for your trip with ease and comfort.