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GO Clay Mask
GO Clay Mask

    GO Clay Mask



      Soothe your skin with the power of GO (glacial ocean) clay blended with the finest oils and essential oils. Hand-made in small batches, our GO Clay Mask purifies while calming, leaving balanced hydration and a more even, beautiful skin tone.

      Infused with the healing properties of chamomile and rose absolute, this luxurious mask soothes away redness and inflammation, giving your skin a more radiant, softer appearance with a kiss of rejuvenation. The healing blend of rose water, rose absolute and chamomile helps reduce scars and blemishes from acne and other skin concerns. Our clay mask also includes rose hip oil to nourish the skin with healthy omega fatty acids and protective carotenoids, while vitamin E boosts the skin’s natural protective barrier and offers skin cell support with its powerful antioxidant properties.

      Detoxifying properties also come from the powerhouse duo of glacial oceanic clay and glacial mineral water. Hand-harvested from the inter-tidal region of Bute Inlet — where pristine waters contain micronutrients from the Homathko Ice Field and rugged British Columbia coastline — this mineral-rich, smooth grey clay draws out toxins and nourishes the skin with an abundance of healing minerals. Glacial mineral water comes from a proprietary extraction process that retains purifying characteristics while smoothing pore appearance.

      Our GO Clay Mask gives your skin a refreshed glow for an unbelievably softer, smoother complexion.