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Ways to Reveal your Love for Feet

by B.O.S.S. on February 04, 2021

Some secrets are meant to be revealed.

It takes courage and confidence to express our true selves and reveal our little secrets to the ones we love. It’s even more difficult to reveal our secret when it might be a turn off to our loved ones who would ultimately decide to part ways. The truth can hurt but in the long run the truth is liberating. Here are a few ways to get the conversation started on the right foot (pun intended)

Start smoothly with a compliment. Tell them you like their shoes, or that you love the way they paint their toes. Then continue saying something like "I think women's feet are so beautiful" or “I think men’s feet are sexy”. Ask them if they would like a foot massage especially if they have had a hectic day at work, this way you can touch their feet and see how comfortable they are with the idea. Set the mood, put a calming candle. Then, when you feel that you're ready, tell them "I really like your feet". All that rubbing will surely get their juices flowing. Don’t be afraid of throwing in some gentle kisses and see their reaction before taking the next step. You don't have to say it all at once; you can break it down into smaller steps if you need to. It’s like you’re slowly undressing their feet and the conversation all at once.

Play a game of truth or dare. Reveal your little secrets in a fun way. Games are a good way to break the ice. It releases tension and allows for serious conversations to take place in a lighter and more fun atmosphere. We have just the right game for you.

Get a gift card from Otoepia. Let us help you say it with a gift. By browsing our website, your partner will have a good idea of your interest in feet and will be inspired to indulge in all its glory.

The important thing is that you be honest and open about your feelings. If they’re not interested in feet, then there's nothing wrong with that; but if they are into feet, then they'll appreciate your honesty and openness.

Still worried about how to reveal your little secret? Don’t worry, there are plenty of online resources that will aid you. There are also a lot of groups where you can feel free to talk to other people who share the same interest in feet. There are a lot of ways to reveal your love for feet, but this approach is most certainly the easiest!


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