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The Hidden Charm of High Heels

by B.O.S.S. on January 06, 2021

High heels have a hidden charm to both men and women. It is not just about how they make women's legs look great, but also about how they add to the attractiveness of a woman. High heels are not just shoes; they are an adornment and a symbol of femininity. They can be worn in many different ways, depending on the outfit and occasion. They can be worn with skirts, pants, jeans, or even dresses. When wearing high heels with dresses or skirts, it is wiser to wear stockings or tights because it adds a level of sexiness to the overall look. 

While high heels are often associated with women's fashion, men can wear them as well. In fact, some men prefer to wear them all the time because they like how it feels for their feet and legs to be encased in them. They also like how it feels for their feet to be elevated from the ground. Some men even wear high heels when they are not going out, such as when they are at home relaxing or watching television. Some are even famous for dancing their feet off to Beyonce music on high heels most women can’t pull off (Jealous much?)

High heels can be worn with different outfits. It is that one accessory that can make women look longer, thinner, curvier depending on how and what she wears it with.  High heels can make a woman's legs look thinner because they shorten the distance between her thighs and her calves. They make a woman's feet and ankles appear smaller as well because of how high they lift them off the ground. They even make her toes appear more attractive because of how the shoes expose them and allow them to be seen easily. High heels also make women's feet look sexier because of how much skin is exposed when wearing them, especially if she wears open-toed shoes.

High heels are not just shoes, they are adornments and we just adore them!


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