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Importance of Self-Care

by B.O.S.S. on May 06, 2021

People nowadays are expected to work long hours and are estimated to be constantly productive, which practically results in laying off any chance of self-care, ultimately resulting in stress and anxiety and having and harming productivity. Taking time to engage in some self-care can release the pressures of everyday stresses, and allows you to snap back to a healthy path where productivity is once again maximized.

The self-care routine has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, lessen stress, increase concentration, and boost negative moods. Also from a clinical view, taking care of oneself has been proven to reduce heart diseases, strokes, and cancer. Generally, we tend to reject the importance of self-care due to our jammed schedule and we forget how it can aid in many aspects of our lives.

Let’s look at a simple self-care plan. First off, think of the poor habits you wish to change then start exploring how to begin taking care of yourself. Manageable ways are always helpful, starting with physical health. Feeling good about your body is a huge part of self-care such as exercising, eating healthy, enjoying a walk, sleeping well, etc. Learn to do the things that set you in a relaxed spot, such as doing your hair, nails, maybe a massage, and consider ways to elevate your mood like a spa-day (could be a home spa!), beauty service shop, and even going on a road trip with music on, windows down, and feeling the breeze of air!


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