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How to Take Better Care of our Feet

by B.O.S.S. on February 19, 2021

Do you know that our feet have very thin and sensitive skin? It is thus very important to take good care of them. Below, we provide you with are a few guidelines to follow for better foot care:

  • Always keep your feet dry and clean, especially between the toes. When you get out of the shower or bath, softly dab your feet dry with a soft towel. Avoid  rubbing your feet with a towel because this can cause irritation or even slight cuts on your skin. 
  • Just like the comfy clothes are essential to the body and your mood, so this the perfect shoe size for the feet. Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to certain issues and injuries.
  • If you have a foot file handle, softly use it to remove dead skin from between your toes. Or if you don’t own one, use a pumice stone instead. 
  • Be tender and delicate with your feet; don't use anything sharp or harsh on your feet! Apply moisturizer daily after you've dried them carefully. 
  • To keep your feet dry and fresh smelling, wear fresh clean socks every day. Additionally u can use a foot spray or powder to maintain dry and smelling good feet.
  • Taking your shoes off at home is a great way to relax after a long day at work or school and can also assist in improving the circulation in the feet and lower limbs.
  • The best thing to do in the summer is to wear sandals instead of closed shoes, to help keep them cool and dry and this way when nothing is forcefully rubbing on your toes, you’ll prevent your feet from blisters. Wearing sandals is also a great way to show off your cute adornments such as tattoos.

We really hope these tips will help in keeping your feet happy!


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