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Foot Lovers

by B.O.S.S. on January 06, 2021

Our feet are the most neglected part of our body. We do not care for them enough, we do not adorn them as we do with our hands and most of the time, we tend to forget they are even there. But there is a world filled with people who love to cater to feet. They love to pamper them, take care of them and adorn them with beautiful things. Enter the world of Foot Fetishists or as we call it "Foot Lovers".

The foot lovers are divided into two groups: 

The Visualists, those who like to look at feet and worship it.

 The Oralists, as the name implies, those who like get up close and personal with feet.

The visualists might have a special preference for painted or polished toes, for beautiful jewelry and intriguing tattoos. Some of them even have their own extensive collection of feet photographs.

The oralists are quite versatile when it comes to feet, with each its own preferences and tastes when it comes to shape, hygiene and add-ons. Some like it clean, some like it smelly, some like it long others like it tiny. 

The most sensitive part of the foot is the sole. It is a very important part of the body for the foot fetishists. The right kind of pressure on it can take your partner on an orgasmic journey!

Some people do not consider this a fetish, but a sexual orientation. They believe that there are people who are born with this preference and they cannot change it. This is why they do not like to be called "foot fetishists". They prefer to be called "foot lovers".

Foot lovers are men and women who pamper, care for and adorn their feet- some like to have their feet licked and sucked. They get aroused when another person  is licking their toes or sucking their soles.

Some foot lovers and fetishists do not like to be touched by other parts of the body, but only by the feet. Others like to touch their partner's body as well, but they prefer to use the feet for this purpose.

Foot lovers  usually have a collection of products that they use for pampering their feet: creams, oils, lotions, powders, nail polish and so on. All of those and more can be found on Otoepia. Come browse around and get inspired! 


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