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6 Myths About Foot Lovers

by B.O.S.S. on March 04, 2021

Many people think that having an interest in feet is taboo, and if you’re one of them, you’re not alone. However, you should know that in reality, it is more common and more mainstream than you would expect, even amongst women. Today, we will explore some myths linked to this matter. 

First, it is believed that only men are interested in feet. This is because most foot lovers are men (men who like female feet). Nevertheless, this doesn’t exclude the fact that some women are also attracted to them. In fact, feet can be intriguing for anyone. Second, it is sometimes assumed that foot lovers are “weird”. But why is it that being aroused by numerous body parts such as a woman's chest or a man’s butt is normalized, yet somehow someone who loves feet is still seen as abnormal? Being fascinated by feet and worshipping them is just like being sexually attracted to any other part of the body. This ties to the next misconception according to which, it is believed that if someone loves feet, there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. However, as previously mentioned, having a specific turn-on is normal among a lot of people.

Moreover, it is also said that foot lovers are bizarrely attracted to shoes. But it is important to know that there are many categories of foot lovers and, while some exclusively like feet, others are turned on by shoes or any kind of adornment including socks and stockings. Additionally, it is often thought that foot lovers desire to have sex with their partner's feet. But the truth is that not every foot lover wants to have sex with his/her partner's feet. For instance, some people enjoy simply staring at feet or touching them. Though some fancy feet more than others, it doesn’t mean that they want to have sex with them. Finally, another myth is that foot lovers are just fascinated by the size of their partner's feet. But the truth is that size doesn’t really matter. As mentioned previously people are different and prefer different things. Some like small feet, while others prefer them to be big, some fancy smooth feet, others don’t. 

As the idiom goes “to each his own”, so keep an open mind, let go of your presumptions and do what makes you happy! 


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